UNSOS trains Somali Security Forces on Power BI

7 Mar 2024

UNSOS trains Somali Security Forces on Power BI

Mogadishu - The United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) has initiated an extensive training programme aimed at bolstering the capacity of Somali Security Forces to secure the nation with modern, cutting-edge technology.

The UN body recently led a comprehensive three-day training initiative with the primary objective of equipping participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively harness the power of Power BI for data analytics.

Participants learned how to import, transform and analyse data.

The officers were also instructed on crafting customized dashboards and reports tailored to offer real-time insights into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other crucial metrics. These tools are instrumental in assisting security forces to make well-informed decisions grounded in data-driven analytics.

The significance of data analytics in the security sector cannot be overstated. Through data analysis, security forces can discern patterns, trends, and potential threats, thereby facilitating more efficient planning and responses to criminal activities.

During the training, participants were able to apply their newfound skills to analyse data related to crime rates, incidents and security matters in their respective regions.

Also, the training programme fostered a collaborative  environment that encouraged teamwork and communication among participants.

This approach allowed participants to share their experiences and knowledge, leading to a deeper understanding of how Power BI can be effectively utilized in their specific roles.

The success of the training programme is evident from the high level of interest displayed by the participants.

In response to the positive feedback UNSOS has planned another training in April this year.

This reinforces the value that the Somali Security Forces place on the skills and knowledge acquired through this programme.

As a result, the next batch is expected to attract a larger number of participants further contributing to the overall development of Somalia’s security sector.

In Summary, Power BI training programme conducted by UNSOS for Somali Security Forces is proof of UN’s commitment to Somalia’s security sector.

By equipping security forces with the necessary skills, UNSOS is playing a crucial role in creating a safer and more secure environment for the people of Somalia.


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