Support to UNSOM

UNSOS provides the standard suite of mission support services to the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM). These are delivered by sections and functions that are concurrently managing support to ATMIS and SSF.

The mission support services provided include:

(a) Human Resources (Recruitment, Entitlements, Travel etc);

(b) Budget and Finance (Management of UNSOM Budget);

(c) Transportation & Movement Services (Ground, Air and Sea);

(d) Accommodation Services (Office and Living);

(e) Camp Services (all facilities including catering);

(f) Medical (Levels 1-4 including medical evacuation);

(g) Communication and IT;

(h) Maintenance of Equipment;

(i) Security Services (UNGU and the integrated UNSOM/UNSOS/DSS security section);

(j) Legal advice;

(j) Conduct and discipline;

(k) Occupational safety and health;

(l) Environmental management; and

(m) Welfare services.