Support to ATMIS

UNSOS is mandated to provide logistics support to ATMIS, which is deployed in over 70 locations across their area of operations in south-central Somalia, encompassing over 400,000 square kilometres.

The UN logistics support package for ATMIS includes:

(a) Food, water, health and sanitation, fuel, facilities and engineering, vehicles and other equipment, communications and information technology, information support, property management, capacity-building, aviation services and medical services (including medevac/casevac)

(b) Fuel and maintenance support for partner owned and partner donated equipment operated by ATMIS contingents.

(c) Capacity building and training support to contingents to enable their safe and effective operation of UN equipment and their delivery of pre-deployment and in-theatre training.

(d) UNSOS provides support for movement, upon request of the contributing countries, of ATMIS military and police personnel and equipment through mission assets and third-party contractors for their deployment, repatriation and rotation. 

(e) Reimbursement, since 2015, of contingent self-sustainment costs, including catering, communications, cleaning, office supplies and tentage. UNSOS provides these items where contingents lack capacity or have requested UNSOS to provide.

(f) Reimbursement, since 2012, of COE costs, formalised in 2012 through an AU-UN Memorandum of Understanding, and subsequently included reimbursement for equipment lost or damaged through hostile action (reimbursement for equipment lost or damaged before February 2012 is the responsibility of the AU through voluntary contributions to a UN Trust Fund – see below).

(g) UNSOS provides technical advice to ATMIS to support the development and implementation of a mission environmental policy, including supporting the strengthening of ATMIS capacity to monitor and address compliance in all Sectors.

(h) UNSOS funds UNMAS to provide explosive hazard management strategic, operational and technical capabilities in support of ATMIS, including developing and implementing mitigation strategies. UNMAS provides mentorship, advice, analysis and training to ATMIS on preventing and countering the threat of IED and conducts disposal of explosive remnants of war (ERW). 


The ATMIS Trust Fund was established following Security Council resolution 1863 (2009). Member states make voluntary contributions that can be used to support a range of ATMIS initiatives that are not funded by other means to create and maximise operational advantage. These activities include recruiting personnel for the Civilian Casualties Tracking, Analysis and Response Cell (CCTARC); public information operations, including use of community radio; reimbursement to contingents for equipment lost in hostile action before 2012.

The Trust Fund is also used to finance Quick Impact Projects (QIPs) for areas recovered from Al-Shabaab to deliver immediate support to affected communities. QIPs are used to deliver a range of basic infrastructure and services, including renovation of schools, purchase of medical equipment and furniture, drill water boreholes and environmental clean-up. These efforts directly contribute to the planned transition of security responsibilities to national security services.