A round-up of activities of the UN system in Somalia in February 2024

1 Mar 2024

A round-up of activities of the UN system in Somalia in February 2024


Women | UNDP-backed Bilan Media pilots new series 

Somalia’s ground-breaking all-women media team, Bilan Media – which is backed by UNDP – piloted a new current affairs series.

The series is the first time a discussion programme has been hosted and edited entirely by women, with at least 50 per cent women sitting on the show’s panels. It aims to bring fresh voices and topics to Somali television and is already attracting huge audiences.

The first episode, on the highly taboo subject of period education for girls in school, was broadcast on Dalsan TV and picked up by SBC and MMTV. Online, it received more than 450,000 views with almost 800 comments.

The series will continue on International Women’s Day with a panel examining why so few women become teachers and asking what can be done to boost numbers. Over the rest of the year, the shows will look at other challenging subjects and will be filmed with audiences in different locations across Somalia.

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Children | UNICEF-backed programme to benefit one million people

A scheme known as the ‘Joint Resilience Programme’ – supported by UNICEF – was launched to benefit one million people in four districts in the Federal Member States of Puntland and Galmudug.

Funded by the Government of Germany, through the KfW Development Bank, with an initial allocation of 30 million euros, the programme will target vulnerable people in the north Galkayo and Galdogob districts in Puntland, and theDhuusamarreeb and South Galkayo districts in Galmudug, and will be implemented over 18 months in a first phase. The programme aims to increase access to inclusive, child-friendly education, school water and sanitation, and health and nutrition for children, as well as reduce micronutrient deficiencies among young children and pregnant and breastfeeding women, improve food security and livelihoods, and strengthen government systems.

It will be overseen by the Ministry of Planning and implemented together with district and local authorities and non-governmental organisations.

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Development | UN-Habitat completes construction of landfill in Berbera

UN-Habitat finalized the implementation of the cutting-edge, semi-aerobic ‘Fukuoka method’ – a natural farming approach – in the city of Berbera, Somaliland, signifying a significant advancement in environmental infrastructure development. Renowned for its ability to mitigate air pollution by curbing methane gas emissions, the landfill technology is a pivotal contribution to environmental conservation efforts. The landfill, which is already operational, will replace the existing dumpsite which is in the process of being shut down. The landfill construction coincides with a series of waste management training sessions provided to community members across Berbera's villages, aimed at reshaping attitudes toward waste disposal.


Development | IOM-supported project provides Baidoa residents water access

Thousands of residents in the city of Baidoa, in Somalia’s South West State, can now access water consistently throughout the year following the completion of the Kismayo-Baidoa Urban Water Project. Those affected include internally displaced individuals and host communities with access to safe water and improved sanitation through construction of critical infrastructure. Supported by IOM, the project has been instrumental in enhancing community resilience against climatic shocks including drought and other environmental challenges.

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Female Genital Mutilation |  UNFPA holds event to highlight anti-FGM efforts

Organized with the Federal Ministry of Women and Human Rights Development (MWHRD), UNFPA held an event in Mogadishu to mark the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), which falls on 6 February annually.

Bringing together Somali and international stakeholders, the gathering’s attendees emphasized the urgency of eradicating FGM, with a joint declaration reaffirming commitment to this cause.

Speakers also highlighted the health impacts of FGM and called for improved care for survivors, and the event served as a launch for a coordination forum to combat FGM and Child, Early, and Forced Marriage.

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Mine Awareness | UNMAS provides explosive ordnance risk awareness in Gedo

UNMAS deployed two specialized teams to deliver explosive ordnance risk education (EORE) to the population and to conduct clearance operations in the Gedo region, located in southern Somalia.

The country’s prolonged conflicts have left the region with the devastating effects of explosive remnants of war – for example, the residents of Xaawo, Luuq and Badhere districts were exposed to explosive ordnance contamination that led to two incidents between August and October 2023, injuring three boys and killing one.

Through UNMAS’ intensive EORE campaign, the communities were able to safely identify and report a total of 49 contaminated areas leading to the disposal of 336 items of explosive ordnance.

According to the UN agency, a total of nearly 9,000 people, including more than 7,000 children, have benefited from the EORE sessions over the past two and a half years.

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Rule of Law | UNOPS supports construction of new courthouse in Bosaso

UNOPS supported the groundbreaking ceremony for a building which is set to become the Bosaso Courthouse Complex in Puntland, in northern Somalia – another step towards strengthening the country's rule of law.

Attended by government officials, the event highlighted the crucial role of the new courthouse in improving access to justice and legal services. The project involves constructing a modern courthouse complex with enhanced security measures and modern amenities, including an appeal courtroom and office spaces. The design prioritizes accessibility and inclusivity, catering to individuals with disabilities.

According to UNOPS, this initiative is expected to empower communities, ensure equity, and contribute to lasting peace and development in Somalia.

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Political Affairs | UN Special Representative: “Unwavering support” for Somalia’s state-building

At the UN Security Council’s meeting on Somalia, the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative for the country, Catriona Laing, expressed the UN’s “unwavering support towards the state-building agenda” in Somalia, and underscored that the Council’s support is central to the country’s success.

In her remarks, the Special Representative – who also heads UNSOM – covered developments across eight areas, including politics, security, women’s political participation and humanitarian affairs.

“Through our collective support, Somalia is demonstrating that a country can emerge from prolonged conflict to one that delivers for its people and acts as a force for good in the region,” she said.

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Humanitarian | OCHA and SoDMA review Deyr flood response

Along with the Somalia Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA), OCHA organized in Mogadishu an after-action review (AAR) workshop on the Deyr flood response. The workshop was attended by representatives from line ministries, the inter-cluster coordination group, and emergency managers; and the objective was to identify good practices, weaknesses or areas in the current emergency that need improvement and to make recommendations to inform a more efficient and effective 2024 Gu flood preparedness and response.

In addition to the joint federal-level AAR, similar workshops were held in Somalia’s Federal Member States. Participants at the gatherings identified key actions that should be implemented jointly to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Gu flood preparedness and response. OCHA is closely working with key stakeholders, including SODMA, to track the progress of the agreed actions from the workshops.

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Development | UN Women supports study visit to Rwandan parliament

UN Women supported a study visit by Somali senators to the parliament of Rwanda.

The visit was held within the framework of exchanging experiences on women’s leadership, challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations to advance gender equality and enhance the representation of women in parliament. The visit also provided an opportunity for the Somali delegates to share the experience of Somalia and the strategic political direction that they wish to follow to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment at all levels in their country.

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Development | UNIDO supports expansion of small business scheme in Galkayo

UNIDO provided more than 60 local entrepreneurs in the city of Galkayo, in Galmudug, with training and one-on-one counselling on developing their business ideas into existing businesses.

The move follows the expansion of UNIDO’s Enterprise Development Unit.

Related to the expansion, UNIDO – in partnership with UNDP – has also expanded the credit facility operated by IBS Bank. Now, local entrepreneurs can access investment loans for amounts between $5,000 and $30,000 for projects involving the critical sectors of livestock, agriculture, construction and manufacturing.

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Development | UNSOS strengthens capacity of Somali Security Forces on emerging digital technologies

UNSOS provided 28 personnel from the Somali Security Forces with training on digital technologies. The Business Relationship Management and Digital Transformation Workshop sought to identify their operational pain points and provide innovative technological solutions to resolve these.

Speaking at the event, the Head of UNSOS, Assistant Secretary-General Aisa Kirabo Kacyira, emphasized the UN’s commitment to leaving behind more technology-aware Somali Security Forces which are capable of supporting their country’s institutions for a more resilient Somali community.

“I am here to serve and to leave a legacy,” she said. “We want to leave behind a stronger team, a stronger Somalia community, and most importantly, stronger Somali Security Forces.

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