UNSOS’ Support Critical for Effective Operations, says ASP Mirriam Kunda

18 Oct 2018

UNSOS’ Support Critical for Effective Operations, says ASP Mirriam Kunda

Operating in Somalia’s rugged terrain and conflict-ridden regions, calls for strength of character by peacekeepers. However, such strength without effective means of mobility, may negate existing counter-terrorism activities and compound the security situation in the Horn of Africa country, says ASP Mirriam Kunda, a Mogadishu based transport officer with AMISOM Police.

Capacity building, maintenance of law and order and peacebuilding in Somalia, places UNSOS at the centre of Africa’s largest peacekeeping operation.

As a beneficiary of UNSOS’ logistical support, AMISOM Police continues to meet its objectives in the country. UNSOS has made available a fleet of vehicles to the police component of AMISOM, to facilitate its work. The vehicles are used in the country’s capital Mogadishu and in the Federal Member States, especially in recovered areas.

Vehicle maintenance

UNSOS ensures that the vehicles undergo periodic maintenance, to keep the security forces on the move.

“We deal with motor vehicles, fuel and repairs. When it comes to maintenance, we make sure that all the vehicles are in good condition and are ready for use at any given time,” explains ASP Kunda, who oversees maintenance work in one of the UNSOS supported motor-vehicle workshops. Through an interface with UNSOS, actual maintenance work is carried out by contracted service providers.

“I relate with UNSOS in so many ways, for example, on the use of fuel and also repair works; and they have been very supportive,” remarks Kunda.

Her role includes ensuring that the police vehicles have fuel at all times. “On the issue of fuel supply, for example, I cannot complain, because UNSOS has remained a good partner,” she says.

In addition to vehicle maintenance, UNSOS through its Transport Section also trains AMISOM personnel on how to handle and care for the vehicles, relevant equipment and heavy machinery at their disposal. 

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