Interview With Inspector Lee Munyeme

19 Mar 2022

Interview With Inspector Lee Munyeme

Inspector of Police (IP) Lee Munyeme shares his experience at the end of 14 months of service as an Individual Police Officer (IPO) with the Police component of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).


I am Inspector Lee Munyeme from Zambia. I deployed in the Induction, Training and Rotation unit, which falls under the AMISOM Police Support Staff function, headed by the AMISOM Police Chief of Staff, Commissioner of Police (CP) Rex Dundun.

What was your role during your period of deployment? 

As the team leader of Induction, Training and Rotation unit, my role was to supervise all activities and tasks that are prescribed under the unit, some of which include organising appropriate induction training and orientation of newly deployed police officers to the mission, coordinating the rotation of AMISOM Police officers, both the outgoing and the incoming, organising and coordinating in-mission training programmes, and also preparing daily, weekly, monthly and annual activity reports as may be requested by the AMISOM Police Commissioner. 

Please share your experience with delivery of training support to AMISOM Police component by UNSOS Field Technology Section (FTS) C4ISR Academy

(C4 – Command, Control, communications and computers) (ISR – Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance)

In regard to training delivery by the UNSOS Field Technology Support Services C4ISR Academy, we have been interacting very well in terms of training delivery and capacity building of AMISOM Police officers. In the tenure of my leadership, UNSOS FTS have delivered a number of training programmes, some of which include Information and Cyber Security Joint Operation Centre training; Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), and Basic Computer Skills training. 

Any highlights within your tenure that you would like to mention? 

I feel happy that my contribution to the capacity building of AMISOM Police officers through training has made the officers gain knowledge that they have shared with the Somali Police officers. So I feel I have made a big contribution to the restoration of peace, security and stability in Somalia. To the in-coming team leader and the UNSOS FTS C4ISR Academy, it has been wonderful working with everyone in collaboration to do capacity building of AMISOM Police officers. I enjoyed the support and the unity that has existed during my stay. I urge everyone to continue the spirit as we endeavor to achieve the AMISOM mandate. 

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