FGS Defence Minister Tours UNSOS

19 Nov 2019

FGS Defence Minister Tours UNSOS

On 28 August, the Somali Federal Minister of Defence, Hon. Hassan Ali Mohamed, visited the UNSOS camp in Mogadishu and was taken for a tour of UNSOS facilities by Ms. Lisa Filipetto, Head of UNSOS. The Minister visited the UNSOS aeromedical transit centre which facilitates medical and casualty evacuations for AMISOM and SNA personnel; the Agility warehouse where rations for AMISOM and SNA are stored for onward distribution; the solid waste and waste water treatment plants; and the AMISOM Level II hospital which also provides treatment to SNA soldiers.


Ms. Lisa Filipetto, Head of UNSOS, hosted Hon. Hassan Ali Mohamed, Minister of Defence, on a tour of the AMISOM Level II Hospital in Mogadishu.

UN water treatment plant.

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