Boost to Somalia’s Aviation Sector Operations with Airport Rescue Fire-Fighting Training

21 Apr 2021

Boost to Somalia’s Aviation Sector Operations with Airport Rescue Fire-Fighting Training

The UNSOS Aviation Services Section recently concluded its maiden Basic Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting Services (ARFFS) training in Mogadishu for AMISOM and Somali Aviation personnel. This is a huge milestone in Somalia’s aviation industry.

This ongoing capacity building program is scheduled to take place every 16 weeks, and the just concluded cohort has produced exceptional achievements. As the first course in Aviation Rescue Fire Fighting to be done in the country with the approval of the Somali Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA), it had its best student, the only female graduate, emerge with honours at 100%.

Reflecting on the training, the graduate at the top of her class said, “Although it was 12 weeks of hard work, long hours in the classroom, practical and on-the-job training, none of these achievements were possible without UNSOS vision, leadership and support to get us here.”

The 12-week training concluded on 17 April 2021, which includes eight weeks of on-the-job training, targeted 16 men and one woman in the cohort. These participants were from AMISOM and SCAA, including representatives from Kismayo International Airport.

UNSOS is glad to be a part of the capacity building of the local aviation operations. “We appreciate the collaboration of the Somalia Civil Aviation Authorities and AMISOM who facilitated the candidates’ participation to achieve international ARFFS standards. This has driven the students to build the ‘Can do, will do’ attitude, that they will have in their responsibilities,” said Ernest Manzano, Chief of Aviation Services at UNSOS.

The trainings will continue until all Sectors have staff trained on ARFFS and in operation.

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