Women Owned Businesses (WOB) Training

13 Sep 2021

Women Owned Businesses (WOB) Training

The United Nations Secretariat is dedicated to increasing the participation of Women Owned Business (WOB) in its procurement of goods and services. The Office of Supply Chain Management will continue to both support and develop initiatives that promote this goal.

The United Nations has partnered with WEConnect International, a global network that connects women-owned businesses to qualified buyers around the world and breaks down the barriers that prevent women owned businesses in participating in the global marketplace.

To register as a vendor with the United Nations Secretariat please go to United Nations Global Marketplace.

Once your business is registered with the United Nations Global Marketplace,you can attend a range of FREE trainings, designed to address some of the most common barriers to doing business in the global marketplace!


To register for these trainings please click here

Please note there are two sets of sessions in the mornings at 08:00 and at 18:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST). 


  1. How to Finance Your Growing Business and Building Resiliency During Covid 19 (September 21)
  2. Access to Markets and Building Resiliency During Covid 19 (October 27)
  3. Data Management for Business and Building Resiliency During Covid-19 (Nov 17)

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