UNSOS Workshop – Mission Preliminary Property Disposal Plan (MPPDP)

15 Nov 2023

UNSOS Workshop – Mission Preliminary Property Disposal Plan (MPPDP)

PMS/Property Management Unit conducted on 14-15 November 2023 the first of a series of the Mission Preliminary Property Disposal Plan (MPPDP) workshops. The event was attended by over sixty participants at plenary and online who play roles in various phases of asset and equipment disposal. 

The purpose of the workshop was to enhance awareness on the UN’s property disposal rules and regulations, procedures, documentation, as well as in-mission challenges throughout the process that present hardship and delays in finalizing disposal cases timely. 

At the workshop, apart from the emphasis on accountability of UN-owned Equipment (UNOE), the status of the Contingent-owned Equipment (COE), Partner-owned Equipment (POE) and Trust Fund-purchased Equipment (TFE) were also reviewed due to UNSOS’s responsibilities to the host country in environmental matters, to the Troop/Police Contributing Countries (TCCs/PCCs) and the Donors, in case UNSOS is granted with authorization to dispose of their assets and equipment.

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