UNSOS coordinates the sinking of 30 boreholes across South Central Somalia

2 Oct 2017

UNSOS coordinates the sinking of 30 boreholes across South Central Somalia

UNSOS is providing oversight to a borehole project, which will sink new water wells in 30 locations in South Central Somalia. So far, a total of 6 water strikes have been recorded, with a highly significant quantity of groundwater. The wells will provide relief to thousands affected by drought, and help reduce outbreaks of water-borne diseases, rampant from consumption of contaminated water.

During a field visit to Baidoa yesterday, the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General (SRSG) to Somalia, Michael Keating, had the chance to visit one of the bore whole sites, together with the UN Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator. UNSOS also partners with stakeholders in Somalia to construct and rehabilitate water points for displaced populations.

The project was initiated after an assessment to find drilling targets was carried out by the Groundwater Exploration Team, and the Brindisi based United Nations Global Service Centre.

This specialized team, with experience in the use of geospatial technology located areas with high potential for groundwater and conducted desk studies, to better understand and characterize the geology in each of the 30 locations earmarked for drilling.

The team then deployed and started geophysical surveys in Baidoa, the South West state administrative capital. With the assistance of the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) Drilling Team, seven geophysical surveys have been completed within the AMISOM base in Baidoa.

Processed data from the surveys identified three promising drilling targets.  

The team from Brindisi is working closely with their counterparts from the AU Mission to meet set targets. The drilling of the first borehole is progressing well; now down to 166m depth.

Once the drilling is completed, a well design will be proposed; and the borehole equipped with casing, screens and gravel filter pack, after which the well will be developed before pumping tests are performed.

The team will then proceed to other locations in Somalia to continue the drilling exercise. 

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