1. Why the change from UNSOA to UNSOS?

Strengthened Leadership: Better engagement with member states, AU, and key partners. Regular reports to the SC and information on UNSOS performance

Stronger Accountability: Enhanced mechanism for monitoring compliance with HRDDP, regime for prevention of SEA, better protection of civilians

Effective Logistics: Streamlined administrative processes, more effective supply chain structure, and Mission enabling units to enhance troop mobility.

Greener Operations: Mandate to help AMISOM develop environmental policy that should make for a lighter carbon footprint and use of sustainable energy.

Pioneer of new support model: Support of UN and non-UN entities through use of “light footprint” concept and outsourcing model. This approach has brought real gains and flexibility in operating in high-risk environments, including by maximizing the programmatic footprint on the ground.  UNSOS currently supports over 37,000 troops with a support staff of less than 500.

Keystone in Military and Political Engagements: UNSOS is mandated to support both very high-intensity military operations and highly mobile political engagement across different areas of operation and in an operating environment that has become much more complex logistically and much more difficult in terms of security.


2. What does this mean for Somalia?

A nimble and strengthened UNSOS will help make AMISOM and UNSOM more effective, which in turn will allow for more erosion of Al Shabab’s capacity, creating the space needed for political reconciliation, state formation, and extension of Government authority in the whole of Somalia. 

An effective AMISOM supported by robust logistics will be more mobile, opening major supply routes that will enhance humanitarian access to vulnerable population, increase opportunities for commercial activities, and support the peace and security agenda in Somalia. Operations will be more accountable, ensuring greater adherence to HRDDP, reduce the chances of SEA and afford more protection of civilians. 

A well supported UNSOM will enable greater and deeper interaction and cooperation with the Somali Government in the realization of Vision 2016 and the formation of stable government entities.