Aviation services

UNSOS Aviation is mandated to provide uninterrupted air logistical support to AMISOM, UNSOM, SNAF, SESG-GL, and SEMG and other humanitarian organizations and affiliates to the UN mandates in Somalia.

These services are: Responsive to the needs of the mission and able to support all levels of anticipated utilization; Efficient and economical while maintaining operational effectiveness; Flexible in order to respond to the changing operational requirements; and Inherently safe through meeting the three requisites mentioned, without jeopardizing aircraft, personnel, material and third parties.

The current UNSOS Fleet consists of forty six (46) aircraft. Fourteen (14) aircraft under the long term charter contracts made up of four (4) x fixed wing aircraft operate passenger and cargo flights with flight connections to Nairobi, Wajir, Mogadishu, Kismayo, Baledogle, Doubley, Baidoa, and Beletwenye. Ten (10) Helicopters servicing six (6) sector hubs and over one hundred and eleven (110) Helicopter landing Sites, providing passenger, cargo services as well as Night/NVG CASEVAV/MEDVAC /SAR /QRF services.

The mission also enjoys two types of standby arrangements. A fleet of twenty one (21) aircraft providing passenger and cargo services at short notice, based on mission requirement. A fleet of eleven (11) jets contracted to execute CASEVAC and MEDVAC services from the main sector hubs to destinations out of Somalia.

Furthermore, UNSOS has developed and implemented ICAO certified Airport Fire Fighting and Aviation Security Program. Created and Implemented Aviation Maritime and ISR Units to support airport coastal patrol, QRF ISRs.