UNSOS holds training for UN staff

3 May 2017

UNSOS holds training for UN staff

Mogadishu, 3 May 2017 - The United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS) has initiated a series of refresher training on conduct and discipline for all the United Nations Personnel in Somalia. These include civilian staff members, military, police, UN volunteers, government provided personnel and UN contractors.

The training, to be conducted throughout United Nations offices in Somalia, started with Mogadishu before moving to Baidoa. It will also take place in Belet Weyne, Kismayo, Hargeisa and Garowe.

Kojo Ankah, a trainer from the United Nations Training Department, said the training was aimed at reminding staff of  the standards of conduct expected by the UN and the  great responsibility UN personnel  have while serving the organisation  anywhere in the world.

“The key element in conduct and discipline is the UN expects a high standard of behavior from its staff and in so doing we have to remind them about their responsibilities from time to time in terms of UN regulations as well as what is expected of them,” Mr. Ankah added during the Mogadishu training.

He took the participants through UN regulations on conduct and discipline as well as prevention, enforcement and remedial victim assistance in cases of sexual exploitation. He also reminded them of available reporting mechanism for reporting cases of misconduct if they ever occurred within their stations.

A police officer from Ghana serving in the Mission, Joseph Owusu Ansah, praised UNSOS for organizing the training saying; “This reminds us of our responsibility towards UN so that we become extra careful not to disgrace the UN and the countries that brought us here.”

Mr. Ansah noted that the content of the course cuts across all the UN regulations on exhibit of good conduct while serving with the United Nations.

“We’ve learnt about sexual harassment, we’ve learnt about harassment, we’ve learnt about discrimination, crimes and other things and their implications and all these things go a long way to improve the conduct of those who serve in the mission,” the officer observed.

He said the refresher training was necessary since most of the members of staff tend to get too busy and overlook some of the UN regulations.

“In the course of our daily work, we tend to be so busy and overlook some of these things that we do. So, as an institution, as an organization or as a Mission we need to constantly remind ourselves about what is expected of us. That’s why we are conducting this training and it has now become mandatory that every year one has to attend this course at least once,” Ankah added.

In Baidoa, at least 24 members of staff attended the mandatory training that saw them robustly tackle the thorny issue of prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse. The staff members were reminded that the refresher training was aimed at equipping them with knowledge to help execute their duties professionally.

After Baidoa, the trainings will be undertaken for UN personnel in Kismayo and Belet Weyne before coming back to Mogadishu. Hargeisa and Garowe training will be done through a video-link.